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Don’t just say something
- speak to someone
Data has layers of complexity. The surface level gives us generic details, like age and demographics. It’s a platform to build off - but it doesn’t paint a full picture.

At Epsilon, we believe that before you can really speak to your audience, you have to listen to them. Through website engagement, social listening, purchasing patterns and industry benchmarking, we apply a series of lenses to your data to discover advanced insights. About the people who love your brand, and why.

From there, we build creative solutions that connect with them emotionally.
Great creative is part inspiration, and part process
Measure your words
Measure your words
Every piece of messaging you send out has the potential to illuminate or irritate. We lock-in on the right communication pattern to build positive engagements with your brand.
Find your true audience
Find your true audience
People aren’t their age or gender - they’re individuals. We segment based on behaviour, not demographics, to identify and delight potential brand advocates.
Emotion over information
Emotion over information
Impulsive purchases are so much more fun than rational ones. So we package information into emotional sentiment with light, user-focussed messaging.
Our process in action
Building bonds for Google Partners

The Google Partners social channels share resources, tips, and insights with digital agencies. Engagement with their drumbeat content had levelled off, and they were looking for new ways to excite their audience.

Through audience analysis and measuring legacy engagement, we discovered that agencies interacted most when they had the chance to self-promote. So we built #WeArePartners - a campaign that put the spotlight on the end-user, and let them show off what makes them unique.
Bringing the Dell experience to life

52% of the workforce now work remotely 2-3 days a week. As the work-week moves further away from traditional office spaces, Dell needed an innovative way to showcase their range of remote solutions.

So we created the Workplace Transformation Customer Experience Centre - a permanent interactive exhibition with true-to-life recreations of the evolving workplace. This multi-functional space has generated over $5 million in sales since opening in September 2017.
Turning data into revenue for Sports Direct

Sports Direct had a growing email list, and felt that their email communications could be generating more profits. They needed to audit their processes across content optimisation, creative design, and technical development.

Our email operations audit uncovered communications gaps and areas for improvement across abandoned baskets, welcome paths, and reactivation procedures. The new strategic direction suggested by Epsilon resulted in a 28% increase in email revenue over the previous year.
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Positioned at Publicis Groupe's core, Epsilon is a leader in interaction management, empowering brands to transform ordinary customer experiences into meaningful, human experiences. Our connected suite of products and services combine leading-edge identity management, industrial strength data and technology expertise with big brand acumen gained over five decades working with the industry’s top brands. Our human-powered, data-led marketing delivers unmatched depth, breadth and scale to help brands turn meaningful human interactions into exceptional business outcomes. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @EpsilonEMEA. Epsilon-Conversant™ and Epsilon® are trademarks of Epsilon Data Interactive, LLC.